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Quality of Work

Our quality services help us to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s simple we hire the best.

Competitive prices

We offer affordable prices than our competitors. Great for individuals, startups, and large corporations.

Fast Turnaround

We deliver time sensitive projects on time every time. In most cases we deliver a project before its due date.


We are available Mon-Fri 8am-7pm; sat 8am-1pm closed on Sun. Clients with projects have access to us 24/7 .

We’re Proud To Have Some of The Top Developers & Programmers

Our entire staff provides top quality work and a friendly professional experience for our clients. Clients are able to connect with our top programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry & more. What makes Blue Digital Network unique is we work with each client individually providing them with different payment options. No project is too big or too small for us. Need help with your project then give us a call today!

(800) 348-6390

See What Our Clients Have To Say

It help us improve our services when our clients take the time to leave their experience by providing Blue Digital Network with their testimonials.

Current Specials: End 10/27/2017

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5 Page website free hosting included $299.99

Logo design $89.99

1 Min whiteboard animation script & voice-over $399.99 *

1 Min cartoon animation script & voice-over $499.99 *

1 Min graphic animation script & voice-over $399.99 *


Call us for the difference between whiteboard, cartoon, and graphic animation?



We're #1 In Customer Financing Options

We work with you from begin to the end until your completly happy with our service. Do you need help with making payments, no problem. We have 4 different payment options available.

Don't miss out on great quality of work, because of price. We provide top quality work at the best prices possible. With our payment options were able to take the finical stress away from the individuals or business owner.


Big Picture Thinking

We look at each clients project differently. We like to first listen then brainstorm and come up with many different strageties.

We always listen to what the cleints want and need from us. We never push our ideas on the clients, and do what we feel is needed. The client has total controll over their project needs.

Getting Started Is Simple

See our 4 simple steps below to getting started on your project

FREE Project Consultation. Have a question or need some advice on where to start with your social media marketing, web development, logo design, or app development project? We’ll arrange a remote consultation via phone, skype, email or in-person session to discuss your needs.

We protect confidential information with our NonDisclosure Agreement. This form is to be completed by both parties before project begins. This is not a legal contract, but a simple form that list detailed information about the project, cost or payment options, project deadline, our company responsibility to keep client information confidential, and more. This form can be filled out via in person, DocuSign, or any other way the client chooses.

At this point you have chosen Blue Digital Network to work on your project. You have signed the non-disclosure agreement and now its time to make payment. We require a 45% up front payment to get started on all project and depending on your payment arrangement set-up in your non-disclosure form remaining will be collected and project is turned over to you. Now we have all the required information from you. We are in the process of doing our own research and analysis.

Project is now in progress. We have did our research and gathered all required information from you. At this phase you will have access to our 24/7 support staff in case project requirements change. We keep in close contact with you 3-4 times throughout the project. Were getting your feedback, making project revisions, and etc. At any point you can speak with support about how your project is going. We also allow clients to chose their method of communication. Either through text messaging, email, skype, and phone.

Let’s Get Started On Your Project Today! Your Free Over-The-Phone Consultation Will Only Take 15-20 Minutes

Let Us Build An App, Website, Logo, or Infographic For Your Business!

We have clients such as realtors, loan officers, lawyers, non-profit, construction companies, manufacturing, healthcare professionals, and more.

Cool Things Are Happening At Blue Digital Network

We love providing value to individuals and business owners. Doing so we have weekly webinars and training videos that teach people about financing, credit repair, learn to program, real estate, etc. We also have 2 seminars a month with admission price of $40. This is a great new feature we have added to provide more value to our clients and future clients. Come join us you will be glad you did!

We are very flexible

We understand things happen. In case of an emergency a project may be delayed, but continued within 1-2 days. We take your time and ours very serious. If something comes up kindly let us know and we will make arrangements. All we ask it that the client stays in communication with us.


We consistently build and maintain trust with clients. We believe in honesty not only within our company, but with clients as well. Integrity is embedded in our company values. Many ways of showing this is we deliver what was promised to our customers. We follow up with clients to ensure a great customer experience.

Hours of Availability

We are open 24/7 to current clients. Our clients love how we are available 7 days a week. We always have a team member working for you even when your out at the gym, with clients or with family. Getting your business is important for us. So we make sure were available for you when you need us at any time of the day.

Bringing your company’s values and vision to life

Our team make the difference. At Blue Digital Network, our process allows our expert team to work closely with clients to ensure that their  visions is presented how they liked maybe better.

Make a difference

Diverse Team

Excellent Quality

Satisfied Clients


Imagine and create

Give Us A Call Today At (800) 348-6390

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